Membership in Tulsa Executives Association is a rigorous and multi-step process designed to ensure the quality and time-honored prestige of TEA. Once completed, the power of TEA membership immediately aids new and existing members in times of hardship and in times of growth.

Each member of Tulsa Executives Association has exclusive representation of a specific business classification. Members do not compete with other members in a business category which supports the high caliber of the entire organization. Membership is by invitation only and potential new members must be sponsored by a current member or the Brand Ambassador of TEA. A complete list of open classifications can be found here.

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In order to maintain the exclusive business classification for current TEA members, any potential member business must meet the following eligibility standards:

  • At least 50% of the business operations of a potential new member are within a currently open classification code.
  • The business operations of the potential new member do not compete with the business operations of a current member.



Once a potential new member has been verified as eligible, a membership application is completed and presented to the membership committee for the first stage of approval. The membership committee meets monthly and may require additional due diligence to determine if a potential new member’s business does not compete with the primary business of a current member.



Once approved by the membership committee, the prospective new member’s application moves to the Board of Directors for approval. Once approved by the Board, the application is presented to the entire membership as the next stage of approval. Any current member has the opportunity to object to the potential new member for business or personal credibility reasons. A current member that wishes to object has 5 business days to file that objection, in writing.

If an objection is filed, the objecting member is required to appear before the Board of Directors to explain the objection. The Board of Directors will make the final decision to accept or reject the objection. All Board decisions are final.


Credit Verification

The final stage of the new member process is a personal credit check of the potential new member (not the business that the new member represents). Upon completion, the credit check must be approved by 2 of the following 3 officers - Chairman of the Board, President, or Treasurer.


Invitation to Join

Once the first four steps of new membership are complete, a prospective new member is ready to be invited to join TEA beginning with the next regular meeting. Before being introduced at the weekly luncheon, the new member must sign the Member Responsibility form.

The invitation to join remains open for 45 days. If the new member does not appear at a regular luncheon within that time period, the invitation is rescinded and the classification is re-opened to a new potential member.

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